Monday, February 25, 2013

Nerlens Noel vs. Louisville First Half

First Half:
:06: Instead of forcing shot with 3 people on him, Noel wisely kicks out to guard who then swings to open man for shot.
:12: Noel finds a man and boxes out.
:18 Noel dives out of bounds and gives Kentucky an extra possession with his hustle.
:24: Noel shows off his quickness and length as he gets by defender for basket.
:33: After missing rebound, Noel goes back up, gets the block, and goes after the ball and forces a jump ball.
:58: Noel rotates perfect and gets into position for block. His teammate gets the block before Noel can though.
1:08: Noel doesn’t commit to help to keep an eye on man in the corner. Without the foul though, Noel would have given up the easy basket.
1:31: Noel gets rebound knocked away by guard.
1:36: Noel’s quickness gets him a good shot but he misses.
1:47: Noel was in great position for the block and would have gotten one if not for the reach in foul called on his teammate.
1:56: Beautiful sequence of play for Noel getting the block then hustling down floor and making nice move for dunk.
2:11: Noel doesn’t go up to block guard in fear he would get called for a foul. If he would have gone up, it probably would have been an and-1 but still have to go up with him.
2:18: Noel make sure to keep hands straight up and perfectly defends first shot.
2:29: Noel gets called for traveling.
2:37: Noel partially gets the block.
2:43: Noel draws two people to box him out leaving his teammate wide open for the putback.
2:50: Noel goes for steal, doesn’t get it, then gets back up to defend the shot perfectly.
2:58: Noel somehow catches alley oop from free throw line barely jumping while showing off his athleticism and length.
3:02: Noel fights for offensive rebound, gets it, then dunks to finish the play off.
3:07: Noel with great rotations and great D all around.
3:35: Noel once again kicks the ball out which eventually gets his teammate an open shot.
3:44: Noel finds a body and uses length to almost get offensive rebound. With a little more muscle, that’s probably a rebound and dunk for Noel.
3: 54: Noel with a beautiful pass but assist is ruined by nice block. Noel is a very underrated passer which will transalate well to NBA.
4:01: Noel then hustles back down court to get steal.
4:09: Noel shows no fear meeting his man at the rim to stop alley oop. Is called for the foul though.
5:10: Noel had offensive rebound but is fouled going down.

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