Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nerlens Noel vs. Louisville Second Half

Second half:
:00: Not aware of shot clock and gives ball off to a teammate in almost same position as him. Noel seems afraid to take any type of jumper or any contested shot that isn’t a layup. Not knowing how much time is on the shot clock is a simple mistake and it happens to the best of NBA players, not something to be worried about.
:15: Noel can’t get a hold on the pass and lets it be stolen by defender. He does hustle back though and breaks up another alley oop.
:25: Noel plays great defense the entire possession and does everything perfectly. They do score but it wasn’t Noel’s fault.
:39: Noel gets perfect position and should have got the charge call but he is called for blocking instead.
:47: Noel leaves his feet which allows the guard to make an easy pass to a wide open man. That basket was on Noel.
:58: Another bad call against Noel where he displays great hands by poking the ball loose but is called for reaching.
1:02: Noel makes a nice move using all of his length to make the hook shot. This should give you hope for Noel’s offensive game and that he will develop one.
1:09: Noel shows great reaction and once again uses his length breaking up the pass.
1:15: Noel once again displays great hands by knocking the ball loose and after Louisville got possession again, he plays great defense and gets the defensive board.
1:31: Noel stays with the quick guard and blocks his shot without even jumping.
1:38 Off the ensuing inbounds, Noel bats the ball away preventing the easy layup.
1:44: Noel loses his man who goes in for the easy layup. This seems like an unlucky play as Noel was supposed to help and stop ball and he was probably expecting someone to help him on his name.
1:53: Noel hustles and gets the defensive rebound showing off some strength.
2:00: Noel can’t get a hold on the easy offensive board which goes out of bounds off Noel. 

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