Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nerlens Noel vs. Ole Miss First Half

:00: Noel fights for the ball after it being deflected on inbounds pass and proceeds to make a nice pass to his teammate for the dunk. Noel is a very underrated passer which is also a nice tool to have for big men.
:09: Noel finds body and boxes him out getting into perfect position for the rebound and drawing a foul.
:16: Noel makes a very lazy pass which gets stolen and would have been a fast break dunk if not for the foul.
:24: Noel gets into perfect position and gets the block. Noel has very quick reactions and can get up so high so fast that he has to wait for the man to commit to the shot before he jumps.
:31: Noel forces an awful extremely high floater which goes off the top of the backboard. His precence in the paint scares opposing players forcing many bad shots when he isn’t getting blocks.
:38: Noel forces a pass and then rotates perfectly while keeping his hands straight up playing perfect defense.
:48: Noel uses his length to get up and fight for the rebound despite being in bad position.
:58: Noel uses his quickness to get in good position for a shot but misses. He then follows his own shot almost getting the offensive board.
1:09: Noel once again gets into perfect position and gets the block.
1:15: Noel fails to get into position for the rebound yet still is able to reach over his man boxing him out to get the rebound.
1:22: Noel goes over to help but his man sneaks away and gets in good position for a shot drawing a foul. Noel though, somehow makes up the ground and would have had a block if not for the foul.
1:28: Noel boxes out his man and should have had the rebound but it slips in between his legs.
1:38: This play confuses me. Noel just stands there and watches the guard go right by him and makes no effort to block the shot or even contest it.
1:44: Noel gets into perfect position for the block and would have had one if not for the player losing the ball.
1:52: Noel, despite being in awful position, somehow gets the rebound but loses the ball once again.
2:04: Noel gets the steal and is fouled.
2:11: This play perfectly sums up the defense of Nerlens Noel. Noel forces a bad floater, then gets a block, gets the rebound, and loses the ball.
2:36: Noel finds a man and once again boxes him out. One of the reasons I love Noel as a prospect is because he has fundamentals. He always makes sure to find a man to box out which you don’t as much anymore.
2:47: Noel once again plays absolutely perfect defense stopping ball, then trying to get right back to his man and getting the block. Most big men that I have seen stay with their man and gives the other team a wide open three pointer but Noel wisely stops the shot from happening then waits for help before going back to his man.
2:57: Even though Ole Miss makes the shot, you can see that once again Noel finds a man to box out. 

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